VIP Mentor Program

HOLY COW!! If you are here you want to learn more about my basic to badass business mentorship.

I have created a program that helps target your direct issues so you have direct solutions. No more fluff. No more paying for mentor calls that are vague and surface level. This is to help target YOUR particular business to grow and succeed. 

This is for the person that is at the starting point in their business. That maybe has clients but feel they really are nowhere near where they want to be. This is for someone that is ready to buckle down and transform their business within a four month period so that once they are done with this program they are booking up their calendar STAT. They can launch into working full time. They have to TURN AWAY clients because everyone is clawing at you to work with your beautiful soul!!

 In this oversaturated industry, it can feel SO DANG INTIMIDATING to put yourself out there. It can feel like you are going to fail. Well not after I am done with you babes…ready to hear what I have in store? Check out the info below: 

I will be leading a SMALL mentor group over a five month period. We will go over HUGE topics each month on a zoom call. After discussing the topic of the month, we will go over each individual girl and her pain points on this topic. Then you will have a month to work on that particular topic and prep your business in that area. We will repeat the process monthly.

By the end of the four month process, your business will be ready top to bottom and you will be ready to kick off the new season. I will finish our 5th month together with an individual call to you to cover any road bumps you have had in to process so you are ready to launch with confidence like NONE OTHER.  

Some BIG topics that will be covered: 

Your Website
Client experience from beginning to end
A tag along senior session that you can join IN PERSON and get portfolio work

Wouldn’t you love to stop guessing how to make more money? Wouldn’t you love to stop trying to do mini sessions just to bring clients in? Don’t you want someone to pay full price and not even blink at your dream price? 

If you are ready to transform your business then fill out the form below and I will send ALL THE DEEDS on pricing and what happens next. 

Are you ready to invest in yourself? Then LETS DO THIS!

(Group Starts June 1st)