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I'm Liz, a photographer in Northeast Ohio, pro dancer(at least I think so), educator and momma bear. I have an insane obsession with sharing giggle fits, coffee and dance parties with my senior girls. It's time to meet the bestie you never knew you had.

The Nationally published, go to Northeast Ohio Senior Photographer

Photographer, Wife, Momma

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My sessions are for the girl that wants to showcase her best self. She loves images that display bold colors, fun personality, and epic scenery.  She craves authenticity and fun experiences and wants to be apart of something more.

If you want to walk away with not only phenomenal images but the feeling of confidence and self acceptance then click on friend. 

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To give an experience of self love so that you not only walk out with phenomenal images but a feeling of confidence and self acceptance.



Business is an overwhelming world of crazy with whipped cream on top. When I started I remember being overwhelmed with where to start, how to get clients- basically with all the things while juggling motherhood and biz life. I am here to share the deeds of how to get out of a rut in your creative world and slay all day in your business. 

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- Carissa B.

"I got into the car after my session and told my mom how happy I was and I thanked her probably a thousand times for doing everything for me so that I could have my senior session with you."

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