Session Experience



Step 1: We chat!! I am all about meeting up with my couples and seniors to get to know YOU. I love to hear the love stories, where you might be going to college or how your special someone put a ring on it! Not to mention we get to plan your awesome sauce shoot or wedding to your specifications.

Step 2: I photograph your special day and have a freakin blast. I am all about giving you prompts to really bring out authentic reactions and smiles, because let’s face it, we all want to see the real you in your photos!

Step 3: You receive your gorgeous photos! Whether it be 5 days for a senior or a few weeks for a wedding, you finally get to gush over your adorable selves and plan where your going to hang ALL THE THINGS- because you get all the photos.

Step 4: Wait there is a step 4? Yes. I keep in touch. If you ever want to chat, go out for coffee. Whatever, because when you schedule a session with me, I am all about building a relationship with you for life.

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Elisabeth Anne Photography serves clients in North Canton Ohio and surrounding areas.