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If there’s one thing Northeast Ohio has like crazy, it’s parks! This is perfect for all of the outdoorsy photographers around (where my homies at!?), but, honestly, it can get a little overwhelming when the time comes to choose the perfect park for a particular session. Especially when you’ve only just cannonballed off the high […]


4 Picture-Perfect Parks in Northeast Ohio

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I’m definitely no SEO guru, and, to be honest, before I launched my photography business I probably would have told you that SEO stands for, like, Scary Easter Octopus. But SEO (it actually stands for Search Engine Optimization and has nothing to do with an octopus, scary or otherwise) is essential for business owners who […]

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I was talking with a friend recently that was trying to figure out a few things to help smooth out her workflow. Once we got to talking I realized that this poor momma bear/biz owner was slaying it in her business but adding an unnecessary 10 hours of work to her work week. If she […]

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