4 Life Saving Programs EVERY Photographer Needs

I was talking with a friend recently that was trying to figure out a few things to help smooth out her workflow. Once we got to talking I realized that this poor momma bear/biz owner was slaying it in her business but adding an unnecessary 10 hours of work to her work week. If she was working extra hours I figured there was probably a few others out there that desperately needed to hear about these life saving programs I use to help automate my business!! So I am about to help a girl out, read on below:

1. Dubsado

If you do not have a CRM software in your toolbox you are SORELY missing out!! This helps with automation when it comes to emails, questionnaires, scheduling, contracts, and it brings me my morning cup of coffee. Ok maybe that last one is false, but by far this program has gave me back the most of my time and if used properly- you can grow your business quickly while giving an awesome experience to clients. Win/win I would say.

2. Portraiture

Anyone else hate editing blotchy/acne ridden skin? It can really put a damper on your creative vibes when coming up with a vision for your gallery. This is where Portraiture comes in. This handy little software makes editing skin a breeze without having to spend 20 minutes per photo. This software alone gave me back a few hours of editing time with each of my sessions! I just use the automation option in Photoshop and I boom, I have gained some more time in my day!

3. Fundy Designer

This program is specifically for my album creators or IPS peeps out there. If you love giving albums to your clients but hate the time suck of actually making the albums, this is the software for you. Create an album within 15 minutes and have it uploaded and sent directly to your door with ease. This program also is wonderful for creating wall arts for clients(I specifically have not explored this option though)!

4. Blogstomp

I feel this software is mandatory when it comes to saving time in several different places. It resizes images with ease and creates beautifully put together collages. Use your images for Pinterest? Need to smack your logo on 20 images for your blog? Submitting photos to a publication with specific requirements? Blogstomp helps you with all of this so you don’t have to waste time trying to resize all the things.

I hope these programs help you as much as they have helped me in my business and even if you buy one at a time, I have a feeling you will be thanking me profusely after using every single one. Is there a software that saves your life and time when it comes to business? Tell me about it below!

Elisabeth is a photographer from Northeast Ohio specializing in High School Senior portraiture. Click here to learn more about her.