Hey, I’m Liz!


Born and raised in northeast Ohio but secretly obsessed with traveling life. I am a hyperactive day squirrel that runs on coffee, dance parties, and snuggles from my spunky little 4 year old and baby twins.  My best cheerleader is my husband who I consider to be the most amazing cook in the world. I have a huge love for the special needs community and truly believe differences should be celebrated. I thrive on this awesome sauce life by having no doubt that you should choose happiness and intentionality every day you wake up. 

Since I have started my journey 9 years ago I have had a creative passion to learn more about how to tell a story with personality and genuine laughter so that I could deliver images that showed you do not need to change yourself to love that stunning girl in front of the camera. I believe in letting your inner beauty come out and to fully embrace yourself. Because you are gorgeous just the way you are and your photos should show that.


Before I take you through a session experience with me, I would love for you to browse through my portfolio. So grab some Starbucks and take a peek at my work!