25 Things To Do When You Are Stuck At Home

Keeping this one short and sweet folks. With the whole world stuck at home, it was time to create the ultimate list of things to do while you are quarantined. So here we go:

  1. Complete a puzzle.
  2. Start a podcast.
  3. Learn a new instrument.
  4. Play a board game you virtually with your friends.
  5. Spend a day mimicking a “Day in the Life” of Rapunzel
  6. Try on every outfit and find out if it “Sparks Joy”. 😏
  7. Watch Netflix online with your friends(there is a way to chat during the movie, here is how to do it).
  8. Try to reproduce a Pinterest Project.
  9. Make a video collage of pictures/videos of your best friends.
  10. Challenge your friends to the most creative Tiktok video about quarantine.
  11. Recreate old baby pictures and share the album with your parents.
  12. Have spirit week at home, and challenge your friends to do it as well.
  13. Adopt a puppy. Boom new playmate.
  14. Create a in home spa, complete with bath salts, bubbles and calming music.
  15. Learn literally anything(play an instrument, draw, bake, crochet).
  16. Create a fort, adult style.
  17. Attempt to read a whole book in one day.
  18. Learn new ways on how to do your makeup.
  19. Redesign your room.
  20. Try temporary dye on your hair and do a wild color for fun.
  21. Go house shopping virtually using Zillow or Trulia.
  22. Ask your people for there top 5 list of shows/movies then watch a few episodes/a movie once a day.
  23. Start a blog
  24. Create a list of places you want to go
  25. Create a list of things you are going to do. This year. When all this craziness is over.