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3 Ways to Bring Out Natural Reactions

February 22, 2020

Have you ever had major anxiety from needing to get clients out of their comfort zones during a session with you? Well fam it just so happens I have clients that are stiff as a board when we get started and by the end laughing so hard that they are snorting. The thing is, getting the client(s) in the zone is KEY to an amazing session and if you are missing the mark, no worries boo, I got you. 

1.Take time to chat with them before, during and after the session. 

I know this seems like a “duhh” but I see people rush into the shoot ALL THE FRIGGIN TIME. Take an actual 15 minutes beforehand to learn more about them, tell stories and just get them comfortable to be around you as a friend and yes do that throughout the shoot. Your camera does not have to be up 24/7. Pause. Breath. Let them get their guard down. Then strike like a ninja. 

2. Physically ACT OUT the prompts you give them. 

No one wants to twirl like a pretty princess or act like they are madly in love in front of a camera. If you don’t show them that it is O.K. to be a goof then guess what my friends, they will not be a goof. Which means you are not getting those fab photos, mk?

3. Prepare them for all the things

I am not sure why this gets missed but this one, it is a biggy. Tell them beforehand that you are going to ask them to do goofy things but if they love your photos, then to not worry about a thing. Let them know you keep only the great photos and let them know you will be there every step of the way showing them. Half of the time, that is the biggest thing they are worried about, because they don’t KNOW how to pose. So prepare your clients like a boss. They will appreciate it, I promise. 

And that is my 3 ways I bring out the best reactions in my clients, and I hope this helps you! Do you want more info on some amazing posing prompts for seniors? Head over to my Mentor Session page and LET’S CHAT!

If you would like to learn more about be you can head over here.

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