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Rocking a Consistent Editing Style

July 9, 2018



Raise your hand if at one point or even now if you have that feeling of- how the freakin A do I make my work consistent? I have totally been there, downing coffee like it’s water (ok maybe I still do that), and researching my heart and soul away and coming up with nothing. So I decided to take things in my own hands and I am going to teach you what I did to find my friggin style. No nonsense straight to the point crap.


  1. Lists help everything-


I pretty much wrote out things that I love about myself, my home, my wardrobe. I took at look at the pattern I saw. For example, I love the outdoors, beautiful scenery and just the vivid colors of this gorgeous world. I am an internationalist, I don’t like a crazy amount of stuff in my home, I am very clutter free whichI love. I wear earth tones like evvveryday and my house looks like a crazy plant lady- fake plants because this gal has a black thumb.


2.) Find similarities in your list-

I started to notice a pattern. I loved greens and rich but neutral colors. I would be the opposite of a prop horder, and outdoor sessions might just be my jam. Just those few sentences, spoke to ME. So I started to explore, what presets/actions and people would fit the vibe I am looking for. I started to play around with what looked like me. What would I put in my home? I will tell you right now, light and airy would not go well with my vibe. Dark and moody would match my neutral tones but kind of dullout my bold greens in my home. So that brought my to bold colors with greenery- UM YES.



Once I figured out my style, it was time to lay to rest all the other directions I was going with my editing. You can admire from afar and even play around with something different once in awhile but you better not be posting that to social media! You want to speak to YOUR ideal clients and if you are posting all these different styles, you are going to confuse them on what product they are going to end up with AND not bring the right clients through your doors.


So that’s the no nonsense, straight to the point way I found my editing style and in a way, brought me one step closer to my ideal client. In the end it is so darn important to be true to yourself and finding your style is one way to help with that. I hope this helps some wonderful photogs out there and feel free to browse through my work to get a sense of how I found my style.


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