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Does Your Phone Supply Your Happiness?

January 13, 2018


Let’s face it we all love our phones. They provide our lifeline to social media. But when are we relying on our phones too much? People on average spend 5 hours a day on their phone. And to some, they do not know how to navigate life without it. They feel depressed without checking it because it is there lifeline to happiness. Not sure you are an addict?

If you:

  1. Check social media as soon as you get up to check your likes
  2. Check social media every hour 
  3. Post just to get likes
  4. Feel depressed when you don’t get many likes
  5. Stay up just to scroll through social media
  6. Get depressed when your life is not as perfect as someone else’s

Congratulations you are using social media to gauge your happiness.

Things you are missing out on:

  1. Family Activities: Think about how our parents say they we grow up in the blink of an eye. Imagine half of that blink we are watching our phones instead of them. Not to mention they are watching us on our phones instead of watching them.
  2. Sleep. A well-rested night can make you do SO much more during the day, especially when we are not on our phones.
  3. The little things in life that do make us happy. Waking up and snuggling with our loved ones. Drinking that sweet cup of coffee. Watching the sunrise. Enjoying that concert. Thinking about how grateful we are for what we have instead of pining for what we do not.

How to stop the addiction:

  1. Delete your social apps from your phone. If you run a business, add the Facebook Apps manager. Schedule your posts ahead of time.
  2. Schedule time on social media and only use that time. Set a timer if you have too.
  3. Leave your phone outside of your room before bed. Do you use it as an alarm clock? Buy one. They are cheap.
  4. Replace the bad habits with good ones. Want to pick up your device? Go do the dishes. Want to pick up your device? Go do an activity with your kiddo. Want to pick up your device? Go outside for a walk.
  5. If you feel lonely meet up with a friend. IN PERSON. That’s right I said it.


Not depending on your phone will not only help you find happiness in yourself but it will help you not depend on social media for happiness. Do more things that make you forget to check your phone. Go on an adventure. Go have awesome sex. Work out. Love yourself without the device.


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