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The Power of Print

March 16, 2017

“Photography is the power of observation, not the application of technology.”

-Ken Rockwell

 Does anyone love the digital age we live in now and days? I happen to love it. I really do. Digital photography has made possible things that have stretched the imagination. Heck, you and I are talking because of digital communication. But, I have found a recent issue in the past year that needs to be addressed. This whole “I will have all my photos on a flash drive” thing is really messing me up. You know 53% of the population has not printed a photo in the past year. Holy bananas people, that is crazy to me. Think about how many people are posting there precious memories to social media and not printing ONE of those pictures. Now while you think of that, think of this. What if all of technology just shut down tomorrow. No cell phones, no computers, NOTHING works. Will you still have cherished memories laid out around your home or will those memories you hold so dear be lost forever?

When I worked in the cell phone industry I had to transfer flies for clients everyday. Most people has 1,000 if not more photos on there phone(I have 3,171). I always felt horrible when a customer came in and says “HELP, the photos of my newborn were on my phone and I dropped my phone in water! Can you retrieve them?!” I always had that sinking feeling in my chest when I knew that this was a lost cause. There was no way I could retrieve there photos, although I would try everything I could anyways.

What I am saying here is that you never know what life holds for us. And although technology is moving at a rapid pace there are things that are tangible that we still enjoy in life. Waking up and seeing your families all your walls everyday is not only satisfying but uplifting. In a day and age were technology is rapidly moving, tangible products of your artwork and families memories is much more satisfying. Print your pictures folks!



Elisabeth is a Photographer that specializes in Senior and Family Portraits in the Akron, Canton and Cleveland Area. For information on her packages, contact her HERE. 

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