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Drab to Fab with these 5 Senior Portrait Tips!

January 18, 2017

Choosing what to wear is the most fun and daunting part of your Senior Session! You are expressing who you are and your style in each photo the photographer takes! You also might not realize that these photos will be displayed on your families walls for years to come! Scary to think about that? No problem! I am here to save the day with 5 Senior Portrait Tips!

Tip 1: Hire a Makeup Artist


When is comes to getting photos done, having a expert in the field of makeup can do you wonders! Not only is someone giving you a wonderful pampering, you get styled by someone in the field that knows what looks best on camera.   If you do not have a stylist to follow you through your shoot, you ALWAYS should bring a standard makeup kit for touch ups throughout the session including several shades of powders, eye shadows, blushes and lipsticks.



Tip 2: Bring Extra Outfits

I am a girl that loves variety and personally over here at EA Photography, we want to give you the best choices. If you bring a bigger variety it makes things a heck of  a lot easier to choose what looks best with the surroundings we are currently using.  Your photographer might not use them all, but why limit ourselves on what we have to work with? When going this route you are sure to have something that will knock the socks off your session.



Tip 3: Accessorize

I cannot emphasize how important this is! Accessories can turn a outfit into something that is total awesome sauce! Not sure what looks best? Dial up your photog and voice your concerns. I am all about texting back and forth with my clients to see what looks good with what to give you the best statement possible. Don’t want to bother your photographer, Pinterest is your best friend (FYI you better bother me, that’s what I am here for)! Which leads me to point four…



Tip 4: Pinterest is your best friend

Seriously people, I hope you have figured this out by now. You can look up virtually ANYTHING on Pinterest and get a million and one results. Don’t know what to put in that search bar? How about Senior Outfit Trends, or Accessorizing with your outfit and there is always the general senior picture outfits. Make a inspiration board and go to town on pinning those favorite outfits!



Tip 5: Love that Wardrobe

This has to be the most important tip. You want to bring stuff that makes you feel like a rock star. Stuff that makes you feel comfortable. Lack of confidence in what you wear can really effect how your photos turn out. Your confidence soars when you wear something that you love which is why it is so important to stick with this rule! We do not need any stiff awkward head shots unless that’s the vibe you are going for and if it is, cool beans, whatever floats your boat.




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