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I remember being in a place of overwhelm. Booking up client dates out the ears, working an insane schedule and feeling I still needed more to have a livable income. This is where IPS came in. I looked and tried all these different methods and everything was just TOO MUCH INFO. So I decided to build my own IPS strategy from scratch. One that was simplistic to share with clients, be easy on the back end and help me make da money if you know what I am saying. So who is ready to level up their income?

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Are you ready to start making a liveable income in your business? 


--Nikki A

“After the course I paid for your entire course with TWO mini sessions! $600 sale from just ONE mini session! I can't believe it! I don't know why I was so scared of IPS. You are amazing and I am so dang thankful for you.” 

What customers are saying

Would love to have the extra income to go full time

Want to start freeing up your schedule to live life

Do not know where to start when it comes to IPS

Burnt out from too many clients and not enough income


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My IPS Prep email to prep clients before there Image Reveal

My IPS Inquiry email for new clients

A list of products and links of items I use in my business

My Personal IPS Trello workflow to keep track of my Clients and where they are at the the process of IPS

A insider video of the software I use to create albums in my business

My Phone Script I personally use to officially book my clients

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When you buy this guide you also receive these 6 bonuses at a $400 value! 

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to uplevel your income and life?

Are you ready?

- Carissa B.

"I got into the car after my session and told my mom how happy I was and I thanked her probably a thousand times for doing everything for me so that I could have my senior session with you."

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17 Page Guide walking you through
How to price yourself
Setting up Sitting Fees
Example Product Collections to use
How to Upsell to make more
How to be prepped and set up for the Order


My personal Inquiry email
IPS Prep Email
My Phone Script
List of products I use
IPS Trello Workflow board
IPS Prep Checklist
Video “how to” on creating an album