One one one coaching with me covers a whole lot of goodness to make sure you are ready to take on the business world. Not only do you get every item in the shop (can we say HUGE BONUS?!), but you also get a 2 hour call with me to go over whatever you PERSONALLY need in your own business. Topics can range anywhere from (but not limited to) branding, client communication, social media marketing, websites, senior teams, pricing, photography, finding your ideal client, outsourcing, building a team, etc.. whatever you are struggling with- let’s chat about it! 

A 2 Hour One on One Call with me

Simple Start to IPS Guide

The Model Call Method Guide

EAP Presets

Email Workflow Templates

one-on-one coaching

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*This is a virtual call- unless you are a local then grab your coffee and come hang with me at my studio! 

- Ashley Williams 

Our coaching call by far has been the most helpful education to building my pricing menu. I was so frustrated and felt like I wasn’t making my goal but now I’m expecting a $5k total sale with this client already!

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