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Welcome to the CLient lounge! 

I am so excited that you have chosen me to be your senior photographer! This is such a huge time in your life and choosing to document it in such a way will be such a treasure. We are going to have so much fun at your senior portrait session! 

 When I had my senior pictures done, I went with a family friend and didn’t have a lot of choice over how it went and that definitely showed in my pictures. They looked like the rest of my friends’ pictures and weren‘t very special so I am planning THE OPPOSITE for you. I hope this helps you plan a unique session to you that you will never forget!

Lets do this!   

for booking

Thank you

Day of Session

I will send a timeline with addresses after you fill out your questionnaire and you will arrive at the studio with your face clean, hair washed and dried and comfy clothes on(you can check below on how to prep your face for the session). We will get you all glammed up, get to know each other even more, jam out to music and head out the door in a hour and a half. No worries on bringing makeup, my makeup artist brings everything! The rest is pretty simple, we have your session and jam out!  

After Session

I will see you back in the studio within two weeks to see your images are order your gorgeous artwork. I will send a prep email so you know what to expect at the photo reveal and at that time all orders will be placed. Product typically takes within 4 weeks to come in and once everything is in, I will schedule a time for you to pick it up. Yay! Christmas comes twice in a year! 

3. Send me an email with your selections

Queen Experience

Session Experience

Your product comes in within 4-6 weeks. Christmas comes twice this year!

We meet for your image reveal, and you get to decide how you want to display your artwork.

It is session day! We will meet at the studio to prep for the session and go have a blast!

Week before I send you some prep items so you are fully prepared for the session day! 

We schedule your outfit consultation, meet and try on client closet items. 

I overview your questionnaire and create a custom day of timeline. 

You will receive your questionnaire to start prepping for your session.


 Officially book!  Lets start prepping!

The Timeline

what to expect!

Favorite Shops

List of:

Pinterest Outfits

Inspo on:

The Style Guide

Check out:


Skin care and Nail Guide

Want to look your very best when it comes to skincare and nails? Head to the link below, and get all the info on how look your best session day! 

Week of Session

Dress in comfy clothes that can easily be pulled over your head- to not mess with your hair. You will change after you are picture ready. 

Bring all clothes and accessories inside to the studio when you arrive- make sure they are ironed. 

Bring mosquito/ tick spray if we are going to any sort of field.  

The makeup artist will provide all the makeup so do not worry about bringing anything besides for touchups throughout the shoot

Day of Session

What to Expect

First: You will receive your sneak peeks within 24 hours of your session. How fun! You will now just wait two short weeks to see all your gorgeous images and see how you would like to display your photos. 

This is the time you should start looking around your home and thinking about how what you would like to see on your walls.

Image reveal

When you come in for your image reveal, you want everyone there that will be apart of the financial decision process. That means if you know grandma wants an album, she should be there! Dad wants to weigh in on cost- yup he should be there too!  

Product Turnaround

All products ordered will be delivered within 4-6 weeks (as long as you don't order two weeks before Christmas). Once product is in and wrapped, I will reach out to you get you on the schedule for pick up day. 

After Session