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Sitting in my car crying my eyes out I had a realization. A realization of where I was called to be. What my family needed from me and what I needed for myself. 

The Business Foundations Bundle is a group coaching program for business owners working in the Photography industry that are ready to grow to their full potential and create a thriving business that amplifies not only others lives but your own life as well. 

Lets have some deep talks to grow, learn and fulfill your own potential.


Hey there 

Day of Session

I will send a timeline with addresses after you fill out your questionnaire and you will arrive at the studio with your face clean, hair washed and dried and comfy clothes on(you can check below on how to prep your face for the session). We will get you all glammed up, get to know each other even more, jam out to music and head out the door in a hour and a half. No worries on bringing makeup, my makeup artist brings everything! The rest is pretty simple, we have your session and jam out!  

After Session

I will see you back in the studio within two weeks to see your images are order your gorgeous artwork. I will send a prep email so you know what to expect at the photo reveal and at that time all orders will be placed. Product typically takes within 4 weeks to come in and once everything is in, I will schedule a time for you to pick it up. Yay! Christmas comes twice in a year! 

Doors are currently CLOSED to the Business Foundation Bundle. Please check back in November 2023

And you will have the tools to be able to convert inquiries into high paying clients

You will  create buzz in your business that attracts your ideal clients

You will have content to create that fits your brand and connects with your clients

You will know how to get in front of your ideal audience social media and beyond

When you leave this


Mentoring with Elisabeth Anne Photography was one of the best decisions I could have made in my photography business. I was struggling with ways to bring in more inquiries and establish a senior rep team and she helped layout a clear and actionable plan to make both of those goals happen. I was hesitant to take the step and actually commit to mentoring because I had a hard time spending the money on myself and I was worried I would walk away with a lot of vague ideas and fluff rather than concrete actionable steps that were directly related to my business. Elisabeth quickly put those fears to rest. It was clear she had become familiar with my business, identified disconnects in my messaging and had amazing ideas of how to help me achieve the goals I had outlined in our preplanning. It was time and money well spent and I am excited to see the new growth this year!

-Kristen F..

A initial jam packed 2 hour Coaching Call to dive deep into the problems in your business ($600 Value)

3 Months of Group Coaching weekly Q&A Calls to discuss mental blocks, creative problem solving, questions the community has or discuss whatever YOU need. ($900 Value)

Marketing with Video Guide that helps you get started with Reels and Tiktok with not only the understanding on how to create content that converts but also shares several pages of content ideas to start out with. ($200 Value)

My Custom Made 34 page Confidence Guide that includes all the text and info I use to prep my clients (Canva is required to use and customize this template)

My Simple Start to IPS Guide that walks you through step by step on building a price list, giving you pricing pages you can copy and paste in your own business, list of products and where to buy them plus a insider video on how I step by step create albums. ($400 Value)

The Posing Playbook, which walks through how to create confidence in your client while breaking down easy ways to remember and build on your foundations of posing. ($200 Value)

What is all included?

Many coaching calls will give you ideas of creating a profit but then leaves you in the dust when it comes to understanding implementation. The BF Bundle gives us a chance to truly work on your struggles and reconnect several times while also giving you loads of content to learn in between each call! That way you have an action plan breakdown of what you need to do in your business AND help with the stumbles along the way that are stopping you from pursuing those goals!

What makes this coaching different?

lets do this!

Lets build a badass business

Are you ready?

Coaching Call

You will have a 2 hour talk with me which includes: 

  • A walkthrough of the custom action plan I have made for your business
  • A questionnaire before our video call so I know exactly what to include in our talk together
  • Time to ask me any questions buzzing in your brain

Confidence Guide

My Confidence Guide Canva Template that includes:

  • All Text For Each Section
  • Timeline Page
  • Outfit Prep
  • Client Closet Info
  • Colors and Styles F.A.Q.
  • What to Wear and What to Avoid
  • Prepping your Clothes
  • Family Portrait Outfits
  • Where to Shop
  • Face and Nails Prep
  • Posing Tips and Tricks
  • Session Day Checklist

I have built this guide from scratch over 6 years to create the ultimate prep tool for your clients! 


This 17 Page Guide includes: 

  • A walkthrough on how to price yourself
  • My psychology method of creating simple pricing
  • Multiple Example Pricing Menus that you can copy and paste in your own business
  • How to upsell without upselling to generate higher profits
  • Step by step checklist of how to prep for the actual meeting
  • Phone Script to talk them through pricing via when booking
  • List of products I use, where to get them
  • IPS Trello Workflow Board to keep track of where your clients are at in the process
  • Video on "how to" create albums on the backend. 

The Posing Playbook

The 42 Page Guide includes: 

  • How to create a more confident client
  • Understanding impactful body position
  • My ultimate trick to remember dozens of poses
  • My hand trick toolbox
  • How to elevate your poses
  • What to do when your in a rut
  • Prompts for movement and authentic laughter
  • Posing examples written and visual for sitting, standing, leaning, laying and moving

The Little Details




2 seperate




Paid in

So what is the cost?

"Working with Liz was above and beyond anything that I could ask or imagine. It was like a therapy session and game planning session all bundled up and chock full of golden nuggets of wisdom and practical keys to growing a successful senior photography business. Liz exudes energy and compassion as she walks you through up leveling your money mindset, developing your brand and finding your why, marketing, providing a stellar client experience, IPS made simple, posing... Investing in yourself and your business is essential, and Liz goes above and beyond to make this  an incredible learning experience that will launch you to the next level in your business. Take the leap and invest in yourself!"



The Initial 2 Hour Coaching Call can be scheduled anytime after the first week of January 2023. Once your payment is made, a scheduler will be sent out to pick a time that works best for you. You will also receive access to the schedule for the upcoming group coaching calls at that time. 

When will the calls take place?




Absolutely! I am always happy to help and unless I am speaking at a conference, or hosting an Styled Shoot, I typically will get back to you within 24 business hours.

Can I message you with questions?




Once everything is paid in full, I will send over the entire bundle via email that way you have access to it at anytime. In the meantime you will have access to your coaching call and weekly Q&A Chats! 

When will I receive the additional templates/guides?




If you chose the 2 payment option, your second payment will be due an exact month after your first payment. Clients will be downgraded to my One on One Coaching Call if the payment is not paid within a weeks time of the due date. 

When do I make my Second Payment?




I send a questionnaire before our virtual call that dives deep into questions you have, what you are struggling with, what you want to mainly focus on and more that way I can tell you exactly what I need from you before our call together! 

How do I plan for my calls?




Our 2 hour deep dive session you can absolutely grab your starbies and sit down with me at the office as we work through everything. Our group Q&A Pow-wows will need to be virtual. 

Can we meet in person if i AM LOCAL?




Absolutely! I have been in this industry for 13 years and have tried SO many methods and worked with several different mentors outside of my niche which gives me a diverse set of skills to help you no matter the niche! 

I am not sure if this is the right fit for me, can I reach out to you with questions?




I am always happy to answer any questions you have because I want this experience to be WORTH IT.

email me

got questions?