I have created a program that helps target your direct issues so you have direct solutions. No more fluff. No more paying for mentor calls that are vague and surface level. This is to help target YOUR particular business to grow and succeed and to make the income you deserve.

A 90 day program that will change your business and life

VIP Mentor Group

When I started in business I researched anything I could get my hands on. From posing to how to make money in business. Facebook groups and google got me far, but I remember the sense of overwhelm. I wanted an A, B, C plan on how to grow you business. I had questions like, how do I get consistent clients? How much can I realistically charge? How the heck do I even set up a website that looks nice? What programs do I use in my business? and on and on and on...
I created this program with that in mind. I go IN CRAZY DEPTH on how my business functions inside and out over a 4 month period. We go over things like how I went from 0 to 50 clients my first year with seniors, how I have consistently double my income every year and how I keep having raving word of mouth in my business...

Time for Growth

if you want a direct plan on how to go full time in your business, this program is for you

- Nikki A.

I loved how it was a small group and the one-on-one time was extremely helpful while learning. I saw a huge increase in my business and am so thankful for this program. I can't wait to continue growing with everything I have learned in this program.

Living with your true purpose by creating a brand and life that honors who you were created to be 

Finding your tribe, finally having that person you can bounce business ideas off of. Your mentor group friends will become like sisters! 

Having a higher income potential than you ever imagined and a more impactful business.

Finally being able to take your business full time, and spending more time with love ones, having vacation time with family, and being home when you need to be.

Just imagine...

You have a hard time getting clients through the door and don't know where to start.

You are lost on how to price yourself accordingly and just feel like there is a cap on how much you can make.

You do not really understand who your client is and how to market to them.

Posing is your weakness and you do not understand how to make a session flow effortlessly.

You feel you are doing everything right but when you get inquiries people ghost you or tell you that you are too expensive.

Social Media is baffling to you and you can't get your audience to grow.

this is a must attend if...

ready to apply!

I will be adding how to create your first senior team, from where to get your clients to you first email to reach out to them!


IPS and exactly how to layout your pricing

Brand and how it converts clients

Website and how to connect with your target audience

Workflow so you free up your time

Client experience from beginning to end

Posing and how I remember dozens of poses

Editing and how I edit galleries at a quick pace

Subjects like:

what topics will we cover:

Steps getting your first clients through the door

Setting up a more streamline website

Creating a marketing plan

Creating a more effective brand

Covering questions and tasks like:

Monthly Homework


Everything discussed above. A group call bi-weekly where we chat about an important core topic in your business.  After discussing the topic of the month, we will go over each individual person and their pain points on this topic. Then you will have a month to work on that particular topic and prep your business in that area. We will repeat the process biweekly

By the end of the 90 day process, your business will be ready top to bottom and you will be ready to kick off the new season. I will also start off with a personal one on one with you to cover any road bumps you have so you are ready to launch with confidence like NONE OTHER once our time is complete! 

You also will get access:

- To exact replicas of my pricing strategy in three different formats so you can jump in at the price that you feel comfortable starting at. 
- My inquiry email that gets clients to convert when they reach out. 
- My email workflow process that I use with my seniors 
- My questionnaires for my senior and senior team members


3 Monthly Payments | $600
or in fuLL | $1500


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Are you ready to change your biz?

— Leah B.

"iWANT TO GIVE YOU A huge thank you for giving me the confidence that I can do this! "